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Public sector teams are under increasing pressure to deliver services differently and to respond to the rising demands of user needs.

At the same time they also face the challenge of achieving more value with less cost to the public purse. This requires a shift in thinking and a greater confidence in innovative tools and approaches.

Embedding new skills and changing culture takes time, but evidence shows that those who do are able to build capacity and experience a renewed interest and commitment to the sector. They’ll often become advocates and share their new-found insights elsewhere in their sector, spreading the word.

Scaling programmes regionally, nationally or across service sectors isn’t easy, and developing an ecosystem to support that scale can take time and a diplomatic hand. The awareness raising role begins again and in some cases, despite the success and measurable impacts, it can feel like you are starting from scratch.

Through our work we've identified core competencies that are needed to better support an innovative public sector. Explore the content below to find out more.

Skills for innovation

Understand the capacities and skills needed to implement design – and the challenges around doing so organisationally.

Organising for innovation

Engage with some of the cultural and organisational factors that help and hinder design and innovation.

Learning and developing

Find out where to go for inspiration and different options for training and development.

Raising awareness

Learn about the value of design and find case studies and resources that will help you make the case for investing in design.

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Making it happen

Explore how to identify and scope out the right project, the tools or techniques you might need to use, and where you can go for advice.

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