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Event details

  • Date:
  • Location: The Henry F. Hall (H) Building, 1455 boul de Maisonneuve and the EV Building, Concordia University,
    Montreal, Canada
  • Price: From €58 Day pass, €200 for full ticket (student rates available)


OpenLivingLab Days is the annual summit of the worldwide Living Lab community comprising four days networking, learning and discussion of theory, methods and tools. The summit includes a research day, dedicated to furthering knowledge in this field, as well as workshops and seminars, a conference day and facilitated networking opportunities.​

This year the summit will be held in Montreal, Canada and for the third year in a row Design for Europe will join the 250 expected participants at the event which runs from 23 - 26 August.  

ENoLL, one of the most admired Living Labs in Europe, will be presenting on the importance of design methodologies via the following user-led activities as part of Design for Europe:

  • A dedicated workshop, "Living Labs: Open, user-led and design-driven innovation ecosystems", to be held on 25 August at 9am. Both ENoLL members and designers are invited to meet up and explore how design-driven innovation is integrated into the Living Lab methodology. 
  • A massive design-focused data collecting activity. ENoLL has asked all workshop organisers to report on the role of design in the innovation process that they present during their session. These results will be collated and distributed in a report.  The goal is to reflect upon the role that design methodologies play in open and user-driven innovation ecosystems, especially in Europe. 

Follow the events at #OpenLL16

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