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During the 2016 Powering Innovation summit, Design for Europe and The Design Policy Lab have launched an open "Call to Engagement", to ask the design community to contribute to The Design Policy Beacon. 

A couple of months after the summit, we would like to open this Call online to the European design community at large. If you are interested in supporting our project, we invite you to get in contact with us

Your effort will help develop tailored understanding of your system in support of design innovation, and advocate for design uptake and support. It will also help develope reputation for you and your region, as data will be disseminated Europe-wide. You will also help to create a wide European picture to ultimately provide everyone in Europe with the tools to advocate for design in their system. 

Your contribution will be mainly related to the development of one of the information formats (Expert Interview, Country Profile, Country Analysis) in the Landscape's section of the Design Policy Beacon. 

For more information, please visit the Design Policy website