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Valletta will be European Capital of Culture in 2018 and the Maltese Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government has made design a priority within this flagship initiative by creating the Valetta Design Cluster. The Valetta Design Cluster will provide support for designers and enterprises to collaborate and bring new products to the market for export. The Ministry will also be creating a Design Action Plan in the coming years. To inform the Design Action Plan the Economy Policy Division in the Ministry of Finance completed a study of design activity in Malta concluding that there is a lack of systemic evaluation of design to inform policy and development. 

The workshop participants deconstructed then reconstructed the framework...the delegates then developed a set of actions for how the data could be used.

On behalf of Design for Europe, PDR hosted a workshop to explore what data on design could be collected in the future. PDR provided a framework of 46 indicators used to analyse nine components of a country's Design Ecosystem. The workshop participants deconstructed and then reconstructed the framework according to the specific context of Malta creating a list of 35 'idealised' indicators. The delegates then developed a set of actions for how the data could be used. 


Key indicators across the Design Ecosystem

The workshop will hopefully reinvigorate the plans to conduct a survey of the use of design in small and medium-sized companies as well as provide input for the Design Action Plan. 

For further information please refer to the event report