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The European Commission has just launched the Materials for Clean Air Horizon Prize, with €3 million on offer to the best working prototype for reducing air pollution in cities. 

What is the prize about ?

The aim of the prize is to improve air quality in cities and reduce the serious health risks posed by particulate matter (PM), the air pollutant which has the most severe impact on health.

Poor air quality is a major problem for health and the environment. Air pollutants kill half a million Europeans every year. Under Horizon 2020, we are continuing to invest in key enabling technologies, such as advanced materials, to reduce particulate matter in the air for the benefit of everyone.

Carlos Moedas
European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation

The Horizon Prize aims to stimulate innovative thinking to find a materials-based solution to the problem. The material can be made from any chemical substance (e.g. plastic, concrete, asphalt) capable or reducing PM concentration in the air, for example by capturing it.

The prize is open to all and leaves applicants total freedom to come up with the most promising and effective solution. The award criteria simply requires the solution to be affordable, sustainable, innovative and well-designed.

What is the timeline for entry? 

Launch — April 2015
Submissions open — 26 January 2017
Submission deadline — 23 January 2018
Award ceremony — 2018

Find out more about the prize and the rules for entry on the Horizon Prize website.