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What next? We explore some sources of inspiration as you take the next steps on your learning journey, and signpost different options for training and development.

Whether you want to add new skills to your skillset, or ‘level up’ existing skills and add value to your role in the public sector, there are number of different options available to you. Your organisation likely offers traditional forms of training to cover key role requirements, but there may also be a number of different pathways you can take to bring new techniques and approaches into  your role. For example, ‘peer-to-peer’ learning (e.g. through work shadowing) can help boost confidence, while being part of a community of practice can be great for getting a different perspective.

Whichever route you take, developing your design skills and learning to adopt and integrate design thinking approaches into your work can reinvigorate how you tackle old challenges or new problems. In this section, we look at some of the challenges around building capacity and skills and how you might get started on developing your own competencies. We share some different ways to approach learning in the sector and help you start looking at where some of your gaps might be. The Public Sector Innovation Readiness Quiz may be a useful tool to help prompt your thinking.

It's important to note that, as with many other professions, learning design skills takes practice and happens over time. We aren't suggesting that you will become a designer overnight – nor should you need to be. But being aware of some of the key principles will broaden your understanding and insight, help you realise when you may need to procure expertise in the shape of a design agency or consultancy to work alongside you.

This final section suggests some further reading, explores sources of inspiration including recent research into learning within innovation teams, and points to different options for training and development.