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Dr Lucas J. Ruiz Díaz

Head of Unit, Technological Centre of Design

My details


PhD in International Relations from the Universidad de Granada. Graduated in Political Science and Master’s degree in European Constitutional Law from the Universidad de Granada. Master’s degree in European Politics from the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). 

With more than ten years of professional experience in Spain and abroad, I have been in charge of International Projects in Surgenia since February 2015. During that period I have been actively engaged in promoting R&D projects to foster design-driven innovation and the inclusion of a user-centred approach in different economic sectors, such as agribusiness, crafts and tourism.

I have also been working along with Spanish designers –including our President, Quim Larrea– and contacted national authorities and European partners to promote the role of design in our society and economy as a driver of innovation. For instance, I have contributed to the organization of several workshops and conferences targeting SMEs, professional associations of designers and national authorities to raise awareness of the relevance of user-driven and design-led innovation and promote a debate on the need for a national design policy –still lacking at national level. As a result of this collaboration with European partners, I have been recently nominated as Expert of the European project Design for Europe.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, painting and outdoor activities, e.g. running, sea kayaking and travelling. In addition to Spanish, I speak English and French.