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Gulay Ozkan

Founder, GEDS Design Studio

My details

  • Location: Istanbul, Turkey


Gulay Ozkan is the founder of GEDS, a design and innovation studio that helps companies create human-centred solutions based on human behaviour, needs, and desires. Gulay’s design-driven entrepreneurship concept was recognised by Behance Network in New York in 2012. The concept has since evolved into The Design Lens, a project that empowers tech companies to create desirable experiences.

Gulay is an advisor at the Boston-based Design Management Institute and is listed in the EU’s Global Board Women Ready project.

Her articles have appeared in Atlantic Media’s Quartz, DMI Review, Harvard Business Review Turkey and many other outlets in four languages.

Her work around humanising tech earned her a place on the Singularity University’s GSP13 programme at NASA Ames Research Park in Silicon Valley to work on solutions to impact a billion people within a decade. After the programme, she was honoured by Innocentive in the US for her DNAGE project.

She was recently named the curator of Harvard Business Review Turkey’s first Design Thinking conference in Istanbul.

Since 2015, Gulay has been the producer and presenter of a weekly TV programme on the creative economy.

Gulay can be found via her website or on Twitter at @GulayOzkan.