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Sabine Junginger

Professor, Business and Design, The New Design University & Fellow, Hertie School of Governance


Professor Junginger, PhD, links policy-making and policy-implementation with human-centered design and organisational design practices. Her work has garnered interest from policy-makers and public managers nationally and internationally, including the OECD (France); CIDE (Mexico) and Nesta (UK). She was among the researchers Chancellor Merkel invited to the 2nd International Deutschland Forum on Society and Innovation.

She is Professor at the The New Design University in St. Pölten, Fellow at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and Member of the Advisory Board of MindLab (Denmark). She is also a Visiting Professor at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences.

Recent publications:
· Policy-Making as Designing (in: Bason, C. Design for Policy, 2014)
· Public Innovation Labs: A Byway to Public Sector Innovation? (in: Junginger, S. and Christensen, P. Highways and Byways to Radical Innovation, 2014)
· Design in Policy-Making and Policy Implementation: (in: CIDE, Mexico, forthcoming book)