Event details

  • Date:
  • Location: Design Terminal,
    Budapest, Hungary


In Budapest on 2-4 June 2016, a unique festival will explore the technological and philosophical boundaries between man and machine.

The only festival of its kind in Europe, Brain Bar Budapest picks up where other international techfests leave off. It goes beyond the innovation to ask what it all means for we humans? Will tech have only positive impacts on our lives and societies, or is the effect more malign? Where should the limits and boundaries be between tech and humanity?

At Brain Bar Budapest, these ethical dilemmas are starting points rather than afterthoughts. In a format that pits technologists against philosophers, politicians versus social entrepreneurs, influencers versus disruptors, these questions form the basis of three days of lively debate, art and music in stunning venues in the heart of Budapest.

Intellectual sparks will fly: inspiration guaranteed.