Across Europe and the world, a growing number of governments and public sector organisations are turning to design as a new approach to help them solve complex challenges and improve the way they work.

From specialised units in central governments to small teams in local regions, a whole range of people and organisations are demonstrating how design-led innovation can create positive impact and improve the lives of citizens.

To showcase those who are leading the way and to demonstrate what’s possible, we’ve created this interactive map to highlight the activities, successes and networks that are already out there. It features almost 150 organisations working in the field of design and the public sector, in Europe and beyond, that we hope will act as an inspiration for others who want to start their own design journey. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it helps to paint a picture of the field and show the wide mix of players involved.

How to use the map

  • The organisations are sorted by six different categories: governments, public institutions, local authorities, schools, private agencies, associations of general interest.
  • You can browse the content in several different ways: through the map, by creation date on the timeline, or through the directory of all the organisations.
  • You can also submit the details of any new actors or organisations you think should be on the map by clicking the ‘Propose a new organisation’ button.