What design can do

Design has to the power to dramatically improve public services, putting the needs of the user first to make services more effective and more efficient.

While Europe boasts world-leading design expertise, there are still large parts of the European economy that lack design-led innovation in the public sector – something we want to change.

What we will do

Design for Europe will work to increase the knowledge and capability of public servants by providing access to the latest thinking and evidence on implementing of design-led innovation.

We will drive this agenda, on and offline, through a series of workshops, events and conferences. By making physical and digital connections we want to raise awareness of the difference a design-led approach to developing public services can make.

There are some European regions already powering ahead with this kind of innovation, but many others lack the knowhow or the network to kick-start change, or scale up existing initiatives.

We want to make a difference by sharing best practice throughout Europe – giving public servants the skills to start, and scale, projects that really work.

Who we are working with

Three Design for Europe partners – Nesta, La 27e Région and the Estonian Design Centre – will draw on the expertise of leading practitioners and innovators to produce practical online resources, supported by a programme of events and workshops across Europe.

Watch this space

This site, currently in active development, will provide access to a growing library of best practice examples alongside relevant, proven tools and resources.

Both on and offline we will encourage collaboration, networking and opportunities to share insights and experiences across sectors and disciplines.

Available through this site will be:

  • Case studies of how design and innovation approaches have been successfully applied to public services
  • Expert advice, discussion and debate
  • A collection of useful tools and resources to help support innovation

Who can get involved

We want everyone to access, and benefit from, the work we are producing.

We particularly want to engage with decision-makers in public sector administration who are able to make transformational change in the delivery of public services.

In order to create a far-reaching shift, we also want to involve the intermediary organisations that provide existing programmes and funding. By engaging in Design for Europe they can extend their networks and gather insight, evidence and tips to develop support programmes for public sector agencies.

We are also keen for strong participation from the design industry itself. By introducing Europe’s design community to the discussion we hope they’ll gain a detailed understanding of the current needs of the public sector and be able to work with them more effectively.

By working with these groups through workshops, events and this site, we want to develop and sustain the knowledge and skills to support public sector innovation across Europe.