Governments worldwide are developing innovative solutions that respond to intractable social challenges. From using data analytics for crime prevention, to mobile health checks for at-risk individuals; from school enrolment to using social media to track down criminals.

How can they get inspired and share the “art of innovating”? Here at the OECD we have developed the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) which collects and analyses examples and experiences of public sector innovation to provide practical advice to countries on how to make innovation work.

Watch a short introduction the OPSI web platform

Watch a short introduction the OPSI web platform

We targeted OPSI at frontline innovators but also to managers and policy advisors in government working is timprove government operations and services. We want OPSI to be a place for sharing, discussing and co-creating solutions that work.

For that reason, OPSI’s online platform has been designed as a place where users interested in public sector innovation can:

1. Access information about innovations
2. Share their experiences
3. Collaborate with other users

The OPSI platform was launched in November 2014 and now has than 10,000users across OECD member and non-member countries.

Come visit the platform at: