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Do you have the ambition to do things differently? Does your team have the scope to adopt new approaches and challenge the norm? Does your organisation support innovation and foster new thinking? Take our quiz to find out.

This short self-assessment quiz has been designed to help public sector workers better understand whether they have the mindset and conditions favourable to being effective innovators. It builds on Nesta's world-class research and practice-oriented skills work about how people and organisations embed public sector innovation on a practical level. From this research, we have developed a series of questions to help you measure your own innovation readiness – and that of your team and organisation.

To help us understand your own particular context, the quiz has been broken down to focus on three core areas:

  • You
  • Your team/department's culture and leadership
  • How your organisation supports innovation

At the end of the quiz, you’ll receive personalised results showing your innovation-readiness in all three of these areas, plus tips on what you could do next to become more effective at innovating at all of these levels – and links to useful resources.

Nesta is currently working on a range of projects and programmes that aim to develop an understanding of the skills, capacities, structures and spaces needed to innovate in the public sector, and by completing the quiz you’ll be contributing to our research. We’ll be using the results collected to help us understand the variations in innovation readiness levels across different countries, sectors and levels of government (just to reassure you, all data will be anonymised).

You can keep up to date with this and other work we’re doing in this area by visiting the Nesta Innovation Skills team page.

Take the beta version of the quiz