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Policymakers across Europe face significant challenges to get the most from reduced budgets whilst also boosting economic growth and improving public services.

Over the past few years growing numbers of EU member states have developed design and innovation policies, highlighting design as a key sector - aiming to support businesses and improve the efficiency, transparency, and accountability of the public sector. However, many of these programmes are still disconnected from the larger strategic objectives for growth in a region, and lack a coherent evaluation to prove the real value of investments made in design.

Design for Europe wants to fill this gap by helping policymakers across Europe to develop effective design and innovation policies, to evaluate their results and to demonstrate how the process of policymaking can be improved by design methods. In particular, we try to support your understanding and reflection by suggesting content and case studies, but also practical tools on how policy supporting design can be developed.

You're invited to join the DFE community using design to address policy challenges.

Design for Europe's policy work is being led by the Design Policy Lab at Politecnico di Milano, with the support of Luxinnovation and ARC Fund.

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